Chromakey Photography

It is highly probable that you have seen the results of chromakey photography and never realized. It is a technique widely used in both the making of films and in stills photography. Often referred to as either 'blue' screen or 'green' screen; it's all the same, the choice of blue or green is subjective.

Southampton Photographic and Now Event Photos have been using chromakey for a number of years, mainly at social events... The technique really is quite simple; photograph your subject against a chromakey background (blue or green) and then remove the chromakey background and replace it with your picture of choice...

The same technique can be used for products and can be quite effective in achieving a specific product, one that may not be possible for logistical or reasons of safety.


Shooting events using Green Screen technology can add so much more to your event and it's use is not limited to social events. One of the great benefits of this system is the abaility to incorporate a theme or brand! In addition to the background image a foreground image such as a magazine cover or footer can be applied; customised to meet the needs of the client.

magazine cover nokia