Corporate Event photography

Corporate event photography can be anything from a product launch, regional or international conference, team building day, charity fundraiser or black tie event. All these events can benefit from professional photography; not only to record the days events but to promote future events and to provide visual content for both internal and external communications as required.

Corporate Event Photography

What better way is there of enthusing your staff about an impending 'Team Building Day' than to show them images from a previous event! The same could be said of any event whereby the promotion of the event in advance will motivate and encourage delegate participation.

Southampton Photographic can provide a full range of photographic services for any size event, national or international. We can scale our solution to provide anything from one photographer to multiple photographers and print stations, technicians and support staff.

We are not currently providing a video service but we can point you in the direction of some very good, experienced video companies.

  1. General photographic coverage.
  2. Delegate 'Photowall'.
  3. Presentation of awards.
  4. Gala Dinner.
  5. Provision of DVD with speaker presentations and photographs for all delegates.

Corporate Group Photography

Two questions you should be asking of your event photographer:

  1. Are you insured, Professional Indemnity/Public Liability sgould be the minimum.
  2. Can you provide an in-date PAT certificate.

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