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Too many people underestimate the power of a good headshot whilst hose people who are serious about their image will go that extra mile and invest in a professional headshot for all their business to business online networking sites such as 'LinkedIn'. Good business people understand that their personal brand is as importat as the companies brand especially if you are a key player in retaining and sourcing new business or clients.

Your 'facebook' profile photograph may not be serving you as well as you think on your 'LinkedIn' page. Have a look at some of your business network or colleagues profile pictures and decide if your photograph is professional & engaging or fuzzy and forgetable!

Board members don't have to be photographed at a desk or in the office...

Corporate Portrait

The single most important factor within any organization are it's people. No matter what size the business or what industry sector you serve it is the people that make things happen and people do business with people... We have one chance at creating a good first impression; failure to make a good impression can see business going elsewhere and we don't want that!

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Successful business people invest in creating a good image and know the value of their image and understand how to use their image in all forms of media outlet! What works for one outlet may not necessarily be working for another.

Let 2018 be the year that you invest in your image and see the benifits others are already enjoying...

Southampton Photographic are in the business of helping create great first impressions and one route to this is to make sure that any profile pictures we publish online are professional and on brand.

Who needs a corporate portrait? Well, just about everyone involved in the business but in reality it should be all levels of management, key sales people and anyone who has contact with clients and potential clients.

Corporate head shots should be kept up to date, using outdated images of senior people within an organization or business is really quite unnecessary and the main reason for using old photographs is that the person likes the photo but it is probably more to do with not wanting to give up a few minutes of a busy day having another photo taken.

There are a number of different styles of corporate head shot and whilst senior management might need a couple of styles of picture other people within the business may only need one. We have a portable studio set that we take to pretty much any location, all we need is a small office area and access to mains power.

Corporate Portraits

There can be no excuse for not having good quality corporate portraits. Southampton Photographic provide an affordable, efficient service for businesses of all sizes.

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