Corporate Head shot photography

Normally your greatest asset is you and or the people who work for you. In this highly competitive business world you should be standing out from the crowd, setting yourself above your competitors by using a professionally crafted head shots for your staff profile photos. Are you making the most of your greatest asset?

Social media networks are a great way to communicate with existing clients and also to link up with new clients... Whereas anonymity may have been acceptable in the past it is no longer the case and companies are realizing that their image, the images of their employees are as important as their very expensive brand identity.

Executive Portraits


Corporate Portraits


We have all seen other people's public profiles: senior managers, large companies and the persons profile picture is a cropped image form a family BBQ a couple of years ago... Sometimes no profile photo at all; just a simple graphic "Your photo here". These days there is no excuse for not making full use of all the available tools at your disposal.

That's clearly where we come in; trust the professionalism of us the photographer(s) to create images that help give you that all important powerful 'first impression'!

Three very important questions to ask yourself about your current head shot:

  1. Do I look professional?
  2. Am I engaging with the viewer?
  3. Does the photo instill confidence?

If you answer 'NO' to any of the above, you probably need a professional head shot.

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