Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is easy when you know how and nothing is more pleasing to us than seeing the smile on a clients face when they see the result of our labors. We have been restoring old and damaged photographs for a number of years and pride ourselves on carrying out sensitive restoration work; maintaining the look and feel of a treasured memory.

The images below show a recent restoration project undertake by Southampton Photographic. The original images was no more than 2 inches along it's longest edge. As can be seen there was considerable damage and signs of wear and ageing.

When restoring old photographs we try where possible to carry out the restoration work in a very sympathetic manner; repairing any damaged areas whilst keeping the tone and look of the original. It would be very easy to remove the sepia toning of the above image returning it to a more normal looking black and white image but in doing so it would remove a great deal of history.

It is very difficult for us to provide a price for undertaking restoration work without seeing the original image, so where possible we would ask that you provide a scan of the images or bring the image in to us.

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