Marine Photography

Anyone that knows me will confirm my love for all things on or under the water so it will be suprise that one element fo my professional life involves Marine Photography.


Cowes Week is a great week to be out on the water photographing yachts and boats of all shapes, sizes and classes. Southampton Photographic has been involved in Marine Photography for a number of years.

We use our own 38ft Motorboat or chartered RIB's to get close to the action. Having sailed for many years we ubderstand how boats perform and can positon ourselves in safe areas close to yachts & dinghys during the actual race. Safety is our main priority.

Marine Photography by Southampton Photographic.





If you would like to fond out more about our marine photography please drop us an email or give us a call. We offer 'Marine Photography' packages where you can join us on the water for an action packed day of thrilling waterbourne photography.