Product photography

Our professionally equipped studio is the perfect place for both small and large run product photography shoots. Ok, we admit it's not quite big enough to drive a car in but how often would we use such a big facility...

Product Photography Studio


The important things is that we offer a secure space for your property whilst in our hands, we provide an affordable solution and we deliver a high quality product on time and on budget. The quoted price is all you will pay; no hidden extras!

Studio product photography

It's not always feasible to bring your product to us, we know, so we have a portable product photography studio solution that we can bring to you. The advantage to you is less disruption to your production schedule and convenience... Where possible we do like to use our own studio facility as we then have access to all our resources.

fashion photography

There is so much more to product photography than putting an item on a white background and snapping away...We have many years experience in professional photography and we bring all that experience and more together in one package to provide you with a one stop shop for your product photography.


Foof Photography

We just love photographing food but it does make one very hungry. Food photography doesn't have to be complicated in fact we believe that images of food should look as natural as possible...

Filled BaguetStudio & Location product photography.

  1. Clipping paths.
  2. Reflections.
  3. Composites.
  4. Images provided to the client via FTP, Email or DVD.

Product photography rates:

Our rates are based on volume but the prices listed below should be used as a guide only! We would be happy to provide a detailed quote when we have all the relevant information to hand.

Please call to discuss how we can help you with your product photography (m) 07841659951