Social Event photography

Event photography covers such a wide spectrum and in truth just about any gathering of people could be covered by event photographers.

We have been engaged in event photography for many years, starting way back in 1985, back in the days of film... Things have moved on a lot since those days the introduction of digital cameras, on site printing and online viewing have made event photograph a whole new business.

Social event photography is also much more fun. A typical black tie event could start quite traditionally with formal arrival photos and then later in the evening we'll bring the box of props out and let people have a bit more fun! Themed events are great fun and are remembered and talked about for a long time. Add into the equation themed photography, on site printing and experienced photographers and the event is even better.Your guests will go away with a brilliant memento of a great evening.

Black Tie Events

Our photographic studios become part of the evenings entertainment and even those who initially resist the draw of the bright lights and bottomless box of props have been known to 'crack' under the pressure and join in the fun. We scale our resources to the size of the event and believe me; no event is too big... Multiple studio, photographers and supporting staff are available to make your event an even bigger hit.

All our photographers are professionals and our support staff have a wealth of experience in all types of events.

Chromakey photography, at social events, add's just that little extra entertainment for your guests and by it's nature can be themed to match th event.
It takes no more space and no longer than standard event photohgraphy and your guests will love the results.


Even if we can't drive an Aston Martin into the venue, we can source appropriate props and themed, didgital, backgrounds to make this both great entertainment and a wonderful momento of a fabtastic event.


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